We broadcast worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

College Underground TV is THE Platform For Worldwide Music Videos and Brand Exposure! 

College Underground TV "Video On Demand" is Music Videos 24/7. All Genres are welcome.

Music Television like it was in the beginning. After hearing time and again people say, "I wish the current music video  tv channels actually played music videos." We decided to act! 

College Underground TV actually plays music videos! CUR TV is playing a variety of underground and independent artists and bands of all genres from all over the world. New markets are being opened for underground and independent artist to help expose them to the world. 

Whatever happened to music video on the cable stations that start with a "M" or "V" and have 3 letters in their name? Unless you are awake between 4am and 5am, music videos have disappeared. And, unless you are signed to a major label or pay thousands of dollars, your video will probably not get played. 

 College Underground TV is Music Videos 24/7. All Genres are welcome. 

College Underground TV is part of the College Underground Media family which is comprised of College Underground Radio, College Underground Magazine and College Underground TV. Founded early in 2010 College Underground Radio exploded onto the underground and independent music scene and pioneered the way. The wide appeal and rocket growth made College Underground Radio a global brand.

Please help us to grow and provide content that YOU feel is relevant. What do you want to watch? 

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Terrance - Station Manager Dave Hottle - General Manager
Darel West - Producer

Alicia - Social Media